Charlene’s Health Was At Risk

And she didn’t even know it until she had a biometric screening at work

Paying close attention to her test results was the most important part

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exerciseCharlene Smith, a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Birmingham Office, had her first biometric screening at work. At the time, she was in her early 30s, weighed about 115 pounds, and exercised daily. She never even suspected that she might be walking around with dangerously high blood pressure.

“I got my screening, took a quick look at the results, and then really didn’t think much more about it,” says Charlene, “although my blood pressure was 160/143 ‒ which was higher than the recommended blood pressure ranges shown in the report.” It wasn’t until later in the day when she had a conversation with a fellow Allstater who told her she needed to go see a doctor that she realized immediate action was in order.

"After work I went straight to a doc-in-a-box who gave me some medication to temporarily bring down my blood pressure,” says Charlene. She quickly followed that up with a visit to her regular doctor who immediately put her on blood pressure medication.

Now, with the help of medication, Charlene’s blood pressure is controlled, greatly reducing her chances of stroke or heart disease. And it’s all thanks to a single biometric screening she had at work.


Wellness Doctor

Getting a biometric screening is the first of two steps you need to complete in order to avoid paying the $600 annual Wellbeing Assessment surcharge on your 2019 medical premiums.

Can't get a screening at the office?

Or prefer not to? No problem. Simply get one through your doctor. If you go to an in-network provider, an annual preventive physical — which includes a biometric screening — is generally covered at 100%, with no deductibles, coinsurance or copayments.* Don't forget to take this handy biometrics form with you.

*If you are enrolled in an Allstate Medical Plan coverage option, including HMOs. Subject to the terms of the Medical Plan.